Printable options make for nearly limitless alternatives for business or personal vehicles. There are designs from which to choose, or consumers have the option of creating their own. When change is desirable, remove the custom wrap and replace it with something else.

The wraps are highly conformable. They adhere to curved, irregular, and corrugated surfaces better than your standard vinyl graphics. The embossed film of carbon fiber is a durable, high-end material that stretches and conforms to any surface or shape.

Prior to wraps, the only way to alter a car’s appearance was a paint job. They usually last about five years. The wraps withstand wind, rain, cold, and heat. With proper maintenance, they last longer.
Benefits of a wrap include being a one-of-a-kind look unique for the car. There is no loss of value like that of a paint job. Protection of manufacturer paint by the vinyl wrap is 100 percent removable. Removing the wrap restores the original color of the vehicle. Lease agreements and warranties remain valid. Painting voids warranties and is not an option for leased vehicles.
The cost of the wrap is about half the cost of a comparable paint job. Paint can’t reproduce many of the styles. Vinyl wraps wear as well, if not better than paint, with proper care. Repairing scratches, or accident damage, requires no costly color-matching paint fee. It’s hard to distinguish wraps from a paint job. Painting the entire car is not necessary. Lone stripes, mirrors, roof, or hood applications are possible. Vinyl is harder to scratch and more durable than matte paint. Hide scratches and dings to refresh the look of the vehicle.