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Digital print is everywhere. Just look around you. It's on every shop, market, mall, bus... even in our living room and bedroom. The implementation of digital print is practically unlimited.
At WP&D STUDIO we take a great pride in helping you achieve that spectacular image you've been looking for. We are offering a full resolution and a highest quality material printing by using the latest technology and large format eco-solvent digital and UV printers. This way we are providing a wide range of quality indoor and outdoor products just for you.

Every business needs the best possible presentation so it can grow and develop in the right direction. The use of best-quality materials and techniques will ensure the achievement of outstanding results and present the full capabilities of your business in order to meet the customer's expectations – and all of this for an affordable price.

Digital printing is widely used in commercial purposes, serving as one of the best methods to increase sales and awareness of the brand. Good design, quality digital printing and installation of printed materials on particularly good spots, will increase the number of visitors on company's website, shop or any other place. Possibilities are endless. Every day, every minute millions of people get informed about something via paper offers, menus, product details etc. Only few of them get your attention, right? If you want your business to be outstanding, you need an outstanding printing service and design. Check out some ideas for billboards, banners, posters, car graphic and light boxes in the product section. We offer a numerous design and printing solutions for company events, political events and trade shows.

We can make your home looking completely different just by printing a custom made wallpaper, photo wall decal, art canvas, pillows, window graphics or sticker of your kid's favorite cartoon/movie hero or sport star. This can be a real breath of fresh air for you and your loving ones.
Your special days like weddings, mitzvahs, baby showers, bachelorette parties and birthday parties can be even more special with us!

Custom Printing Sevices

> Wide Format Printing
> Vinyl (PVC)
> Backlit
> Banners
> Display Graphics
> Posters
> Sign Boards
> POP / POS Display

> Canvas - Art Printing
> Floor Graphics
> Wall Graphics
> Wallpaper
> Vehicle Wraps
> Vehicle Graphics
> Window Graphics
> Dashboard Panels

> Docorative
> Flags
> Lampshades
> Pillows
> Decor
> Labels
> Stickers
> Mash Banners

> Silicon Edge Graphics SEG
> Static Window Clings
> Magnets
> Tension Fabric
> & More

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